About us

We are the residents of South Hill Park and neighbouring streets in London NW3. We party in the road, and we help each other as best we can.


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Midsummer Night Picnic

We hold a Midsummer Night Picnic at a secret location on Hampstead Heath on the night closest to the summer solstice.

Street drinking

We hold occasional Street Drinks in South Hill Park, and currently Porchside Drinks outside some home . Two metres apart, please!


Email list

Our email list has over 300 members.

Write with your name and street address to admins@hillsiders.org if you would like to be on the list.

Members can see the message archive at list.hillsiders.org.


Our discussion server lets us talk without copying everything to 300 people.



Recommendations for local services at board.hillsiders.org.


Local groups with their own email lists.

Hills Admins

A weekly webclass learning to code web sites. (We maintain this one.) No prior experience necessary.

We are using text editors, command shells, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git and GitHub. It’s beginning to make sense.

Write to our mentor to learn more.

Hills Angels

A weekly social bike ride to get a little air and exercise and learn quiet routes around London: for example, to Regents Park, Bankside, Hackney Marshes, Battersea Park, or just over to London Fields for coffee.

Write to our mentor to learn more.

South End Green XR

The local chapter of the Extinction Rebellion.

Write to our admins to learn more.

South End Green Support

During the pandemic the support group helps those of us marked as high-risk to manage whatever needs managing.

If you can help, contact us at southendgreen.suppport@gmail.com.

If you are in the high-risk group and sheltering, please notify seg-support-requests@googlegroups.com – regardless of whether you need or expect to need help.

Circumstances or rules change rapidly. We must ensure we have volunteers ready for everyone who might need help before this is all over.

South Hedge

Works to improve biodiversity in our neighbourhood, which is a designated biodiversity corridor.

Write to our admins to learn more.

South Hill Singers

Meet fortnightly for a singalong. We are terrible, but we do not care. We have fun. For details, contact Pam Castle.


Parking suspensions


We are in the Hampstead Town ward of the London Borough of Camden, represented by three councillors.

Cllr Oliver Cooper

Oliver Cooper
  • 020 7947 2792
  • oliver.cooper@camden.gov.uk
  • 07929 466890

Cllr Maria Higson

Maria Higson
  • 020 7974 2792
  • maria.higson@camden.gov.uk
  • 07890 944998

Cllr Stephen Stark

Stephen Stark
  • 020 7947 2792
  • stephen.stark@camden.gov.uk
  • 07467 338862

Tulip Siddiq MP

Tulip Siddiq
  • 020 7219 6276
  • tulip.siddiq.mp@parliament.uk

Anne Clarke AM

Anne Clarke
  • 07548 128870
  • anne.clarke@london.gov.uk