We are the residents of South Hill Park
and neighbouring streets in London NW3.

We party together, and we help each other as best we can.
Midsummer Night Picnic on Hampstead Heath from 6pm on Thursday 20 June.

Help, advice, and news

Our email list has 300+ members. We exchange news, recommend traders, answer questions, and borrow, lend and give stuff away.
It’s all private – just us.


We hold parties in the road. We picnic together on Hampstead Heath. We have a book club and a singalong group. A coding workshop.
What will we do next?


Need a cup of sugar, a delivery signed for, something from the shops?
Or someone to take you to A&E?
Ask the Connectors.

Midsummer Night Picnic

A Hillsider tradition. We picnic on the shortest night of the year until the elves come out and join us.

World’s End Book Club

All the troubles in the world. We are teaching ourselves about climate change, politics, and economics,

South Hill Singers

We didn’t miss Sunday mornings in church (probably should have) but we missed singing with our neighbours.
So now we do that.

Friends of The Magdala

Our local is the best in London and we mean to keep it that way.. (The dog is a friend too.)

Friends of the Peace Garden

The World Peace Garden is a community-curated sanctuary, a haven of peace at the bottom of the road.

Hills Angels

Want to start using a bike to pop around central London?
You need to know the quiet routes.
The Hills Angels will show you the ways!

Parking suspensions

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Neighbourhood Services and Events


Milk & More delivers milk to your doorstep in re-usable glass bottles.
Call Sookaree on 07772 427599.


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The Fair-Well van delivers unpackaged, organic dry goods to the door.

Elected Representatives

Cllr Linda Chung

Cllr Linda Chung

020 7794 2592
07748 767579

Cllr Stephen Stark

Cllr Stephen Stark

020 7947 2792
07467 338862

Tulip Siddiq MP

Tulip Siddiq MP

020 7219 6276

Anne Clarke AM

Anne Clarke AM

07548 128870

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